Live The Dream Tour Foundation Inc.は、2016年7月23日Gala Fundraiser Concertにて演奏するアーティストをReverberationより1名選出する予定です。選出されたアーティストは、ロサンゼルスまでの航空運賃と1000人のオーディエンスと音楽業界のプロフェッショナルの前での演奏と滞在費を授与されるでしょう。数人の伝説になるようなアーティストも又レッドカーペットにて出演し演奏するでしょう。


Live The Dream Tour Foundation Inc. will select one (1) ReverbNation artist to perform at their 2016 Gala Fundraiser Concert. The selected artist will receive roundtrip airfare to Los Angeles and hotel accommodations along with their performance in front of 1000+ fans and music industry professionals. Several legendary artists will also be appearing and performing at the red carpet event. Additional Details 

• The Gala Fundraiser will take place on July 23rd at Los Angeles’ Wilshire Ebell Theatre • Artists of all genres are encouraged to submit About The Promoter The Live The Dream Tour Foundation (LTDTF), a 501( c ) 3 nonprofit organization that exists to inspire children and young adults to discover their passion for music and to promote music as a career path. LTDTF is committed to providing insight, guidance, and funds for music education and music business development programs in communities and schools. They strive to increase awareness of the power in music by demonstrating the success stories of the independent artists that are involved in their performance events.

結果は、1名の選出アーティストには該当しなかったのですが、The Dream The Tour Team に「ReverbNationのクラシカルにて1位になり夢のWork-Life Balance Projectを実施したい」ことをメールしたところ、「Jinkochanがレッドカーペットを歩けるよう準備しましょう」とおっしゃって下さいました😢ですが、渡航のためのクラウドファンディングが間に合わず参加が出来ませんでした😢現在謝罪等のお手紙を執筆中です。

Dear Jinkochan: 

Thank you for your email. We will gladly offer you the two tickets that you requested for the Live The Dream Tour Gala Fundraiser on Saturday, July 23, 2016 at the Wilshire Ebell Theatre in Los Angeles. It is very important that all of our ReverbNation participants know that we respect your music and your craft. We want to see you all reach your desired goals and aspirations. We will also arrange for you to walk the Red Carpet. Tickets and Red Carpet Passes will be emailed two weeks prior to the event. If we can arrange for Artists Meet & Greet Passes we will do that also. We will need the names of all attendees and please provide the email address that you would like the tickets sent to. Thank you and we wish you much success on your musical journey! 

All the best, The Live The Dream Tour Team LIVE THE DREAM TOUR FOUNDATION INC. 

Los Angeles, California


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