Hello, I'm cartoon "RECYCLE JINKO-CHAN" in TEAM. I was born in 2011 and I was born again with inspiration is my precious teacher who is scholar in 2015.

I'm 7 years old but I study to write thesis that is achieved recycle everyday. Because I am needed to get degree as research assistance.I love "RECYCLE" in 3Rs that reuse discarded article and waste materials to save resources and to save environmental pollution. My dream is to write thesis that can achieve recycle in 3Rs and to disseminate recycle.

🐤 US competition ’’ReverbNation’’ and Japanese competition "SHOWROOM"🐤

Towards the first prize in the world to dissemination 3Rs!

🐤Career History🐤

2005年 ー 2011年

I worked as volunteer at Japanese NPO JUST. My duty was a telephone listening related to family problem and a piano exhibition and a composition. Also I opened a regular sharing meeting regarding work-life balance in Japan.


I worked at Japan External Trade Organization Institute Developing Economies at project team that is energy saving as a part time research assistance and public relations because I was interested in human rights issue and paid special attention to work-life balance.


I changed careers as fundraiser for international human rights now NGOs that based on Japan. I received an advice by my teacher in human rights field that Fundraiser is a gateway to success in international cooperation field.


I knew thesis 1 that was my treasure. I started fundraising volunteer at international human rights now Japanese NGO for coordinating various actor as fundraiser in work-life balance project. During this time I was recommended for getting the degree by my teacher in environmental field.


I knew thesis 2 that is my treasure. I achieved 34 place as musical ambassador JINKO-CHAN  in global musical competition on ReverbNation in US on July 22th in 2016. 


I knew "Meena" of UNICEF. 

Meena Communication Initiative. I was enrolled University of the People with application fee exemption because I was praised fundraising volunteer. I have been preparing for writing a thesis based on my teacher's research and establishing RECYCLE JINKO-CHAN in TEAM.


TEAM achieved 11 place at ReverbNation that is American musical competition on March 4, 2018. In the same day, I tweeted regarding Reuse of recyclable waste such as an empty can on the site.


I learned a classic piano from 4 years old to 20 years old. Then I have been writing various melody such as a popular music and symphony over 15 years. Also during this time I treated PTSD by human rights violation with A Course In miracles and Yoga.

Contact : jinkochan1@gmail.com  the person in charge : Eri Kobori