Dear all who support Jinkochan, The artist name's transcription has been changed from JINKOCHAN to Jinkochan. I'm very sorry to be late with the report on the Los Angelos fundraising concert. Unfortunately, the crowdfunding could not cover the costs for this trip , and I could not attend. I'm sorry to have to report this news to the supporters of Jinkochan. However, not giving up on my #1 dream, I have created "Team Jinkochan" and am presently beginning the creation of music with the Heart Character I believe is the key to winning first prize. The following is from those in charge of the red carpet I would have walked on if I had been able to attend. Wow, this was marvelous! Though I wasn't able to walk the red carpet, I was happy to hear them say, "We want to see you take first prize!" I completely forgot why they said that, since I was so busy with volunteer fundraising, musical work, and selecting a university. I sent an email to the Live the Dream Tour Team about my dream Work-life Balance project. Americans share these thoughts too, I think. As I was writing for my blog, I was convinced of it. First, I have to finish up a letter of apology for not being able to attend. Henceforth I will be concentrating my days on contributing what Jinkochan can, in her own Jinkochan way, to the world of music. 



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