The day of JINKO-CHAN 〜the health part 2〜

But JINKO-CHAN don't want to recommend to vegetarian because I think that this problem need a study project.

I have been continuing a vegetarian and a breathing exercise for 2 years, as result my body is healthy! Also teacher talked to me Japanese method about the autonomic nervous system. I missed my grandfather😢  I finished my treatment and went to power stone shop. This shop was filled with good energy and the owner is  excellent! JINKO-CHAN became a fun of this shop soon💗

I have been working volunteer fund-raiser over 2 years and have been joining an musical audition therefore I'm a ’’NEET’’ = like a poor student😢  I couldn't buy a power stone and I visited a shrine. 

Today was hold ’’KIRIN presents social business seminar’’ but I couldn't join.I'm sorry but I expect another chance! I will ask holy spirit ’’my life work’’ for supporting an artist activity and my school work for my dream of study.


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