The day of JINKO-CHAN 〜the health part〜

Good evening😴  JINKO-CHAN has been having special vacation only this week and went 

to chiropractic for caring my body. I stayed at my home as usual and I sent some e-mail for apology.

It is hard for me to work as artist in Japan😢 I desire to receive any social system as an artist.

I got an acupuncture since 20 years and I re-learned that it's very important for me to do a breathing 

exercise.I reflected that recently I couldn't do it in morning and evening.A teacher taught to me that 

’’breathing exercise is very important for all disease’’ and researcher who have been studying about 

a bowel movement in the world say different amount of a bowel movement in a meat eating person

and in a vegetarian. The cow's temperature is about 40℃ and a human is about 36℃?A scholar 

examine that this difference cause an intestinal obstruction. Also professor examine that an area a 

lot of bowel movement exist many vegetarian.


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