learning for Restart Jinkochan's life🎉

Hello, everyone. Jinkochan visited to library for learning IELTS yesterday. I have been learning for using materials which received a special seminar ''business of developing country'' at IDE-JETRO. My precious teacher has been recommended to me for getting the degree since a year and a half ago but I had haven't understood the true meaning for 2 years and I had learned on my way.The other days I could finally understand that's meaning. It's the following that '' only a college graduate student '' can receive scholarship in Swedish institution. I really appreciate your kindness😢

Learning Jinkochan

Restart〜World Peace〜


TEAM is research team. Cartoon pray Inner Peace and love human rights and energy saving. チームは研究チームです。キャラクタは心の平和を祈っており、人権や3Rsが大好きです。


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