IELTS examination / 留学・移住用語学試験

Hi there! Jinkochan learned reading section for IELTS examination today, too.Actually I couldn't take the first ielts exam for bad condition.I'm very sorry but I'm thankful to this accident.After I left an exam meeting place,I visited to english mass for the first time in a long time.Then I had a lunch with new friends who came from Philippines and timor.One person is undergraduate student and have same dream for ''peace building''.I could imagine my study abroad😊I think because inner parents is rooted steady in my heart and A Course In Miracles and yoga support. Also I got the book ''A study of Boarding Schools and Elite Education in the United States'' in church.I knew this school for the first time.I'm very interested in this school.See you tomorrow😴




TEAM try to achievement 3Rs with IT business in research team. Cartoon pray Inner Peace and love human rights and 3Rs. チームは研究チーム内のビジネスと共に3Rsの達成に挑戦します。キャラクタは心の平和を祈っており、人権や3Rsが大好きです。


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