【Jinkochan's Life Diary】

The other day, my acquaintance said to me, "I was moved by your lifestyle. I couldn't do that."

I was really encouraged by this sentence. If Jinkochan sharing her story can impact others... 

I had a turning point in my 16th year of treatment for trauma. With a fear of men due to the trauma, 

I spent my days writing melodies with a sense of despair for life, and illustrating my Heart Character. 

"Marriage isn't an option for me, and I haven't recovering. How do I survive and live on?" 

My doctor advised me, "Your work can't be completed immediately," and suggested I get married. 

By chance I met a marriage consultant, and that became a turning point in my life.


TEAM try to achievement 3Rs with IT business in research team. Cartoon pray Inner Peace and love human rights and 3Rs. チームは研究チーム内のビジネスと共に3Rsの達成に挑戦します。キャラクタは心の平和を祈っており、人権や3Rsが大好きです。


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