【idea】about fundraising

Since 2014, Jinkochan has continued her fundraising education and volunteer fundraising work. 

The following idea is an impression I got while working on a personal fundraiser in Japan for the 

first time, for travel expenses to go to Los Angeles. 

There is a relationship between the permeation of the concept of donation, and spread of the 

concepts of Christianity and human rights. 

I thought I would like to be able to compare each country's fundraising. 

Also, I thought I would like to research fundraising. For example, I often hear seniors say, "fundraising 

is a bad custom." Does the same opinion exist in Africa? How about Oceania? Or in Asia? Europe? 

America? Not all seniors say this, of course there are some that support it. 

I think you will find that it varies a lot depending on their history. 

Fundraising offers the chance to better a country's culture, to equally enable everyone to pursue their 

dreams, and to offer a means to survive.


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