American crowdfunding

I received the following URL for fundraising on an American crowd-funding site this morning. Right now, there are three donors, and the third one is a dog! The doggy Cooper-chan broke his leg, and the crowdfunding was for an expensive treatment bill. I think this donation culture, where everyone can readily do fundraising, is great. I wish Japan this culture spread to Japan. But I was happy to hear that recently it has been changing little by little. The United States has a wide range of religion and a widening social stratification, and these might contribute to the culture of donation. Still, I wonder which country is doing the best job of protecting human rights for minorities? I would really like to know! Now, I'm off to the institute's library which has become something like my old school since last summer. 


TEAM try to achievement 3Rs with IT business in research team. Cartoon pray Inner Peace and love human rights and 3Rs. チームは研究チーム内のビジネスと共に3Rsの達成に挑戦します。キャラクタは心の平和を祈っており、人権や3Rsが大好きです。


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