Hello, everyone. JINKO-CHAN will hold the first meeting in Team JINKO-CHAN today. 

This meeting will focus on making a short movie for the musical piece ~Restart~ with my friend who is 

a Sri Lankan. 

Today's idea: 

1. JINKO-CHAN will draw many illustrations for the you-tube video Restart ~ World Peace ~.

2. In relation to other musical work, we'll create a scenes of the heart's animation JINKO-CHAN and 

the real JINKOCHAN perform together on her music. For performing, she needs to practice a piano 

about 8 hours each day. 

She has a dream that it's a ’’work-life balance project’’. But if she will carrie out this project, she will 

have the needs for getting the degree.This idea is her teacher related to a study. 

Therefore she suggested the heart's animation JINKO-CHAN replace a real JINKO-CHAN. 

As idea, an animation plays a piano and sings a song on youtube and composite a real JINKO-CHAN 

on it. So she is looking for a pianist who preform her musical works. 



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