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                 🐤Social Music in ASEAN. From 2018 To 2020.🐤



🐤YouTube and Singing Journey🐤

ーYouTube & Singingジャーニー

1. Complete various YouTube that is used my all musical work within 15 years with all sector and start YouTube Nonprofit Program and start school work for getting degree.

全てのセクターで15年以内の全ての楽曲を使用し様々なYouTubeを完成、YouTube Nonprofitプログラムと学位取得の学業開始。

2. Visit a relevant actor, stakeholder and sector in the world and write down various melodies. Supply blog and mail magazine in local language.


3. Piano prayer as a cartoon JINKO-CHAN in preparation.


4. Singer as a cartoon in preparation.


5. Real JINKO-CHAN with SHOENEKO-CHAN sing a song in chorus or a solo. (Plan)

リアルSHOENEKO-CHAN with JINKO-CHAN、合唱又は歌唱。(予定)

6. Discussion regarding various social problem in the world with SHOENEKO-CHAN on SHOWROOM and ReverbNation.  (Plan)

SHOWROOMやReverbNationにてJINKO-CHAN & SHOENEKO-CHANと、世界中の社会問題についてのディスカッション。(予定)

🐤Environment and human rights🐤


1. Development of game software apps for using a cartoon.

Peace and environment /3R promoting / Fund-raising / Tamagocchi of JINKO-CHAN & SHOENKO-CHAN / with a partnership such as cellular MNC.

1. ゲームアプリ開発

心の平和・人権・環境のゲームアプリ開発、3R推進ゲームアプリ、ファンドレイジング。JINKO-CHAN & SHOENKO-CHANのたまごっちアプリ)。携帯電話多国籍企業とパートナーシップ。