1-1. Social Music

       🐤Social Music with a partnerships in ASEAN. パートナーシップと共にある社会貢献音楽🐤

          ※ in preparation YouTube Nonprofit Program & degree. YouTube Nonprofit Programと学位準備中。

🐤YouTube and Singing Journey🐤

ーYouTube & Singingジャーニー

1. Complete YouTube with all sector and start an enlightenment campaign to achievement the Environment.


2. Visit a relevant actor, stakeholder and sector in the world and write down various melodies.


3. Playing a piano a melody that write down on score in daily life on SHOWROOM and ReverbNation and

   make CD and i-tunes.


4. Recorded musical work for writing down over 15 years and distribute and write a blog or mail magazine on i-tunes in  

    various countries.


5. Real JINKO-CHAN with SHOENEKO-CHAN sing a song in chorus or a solo. (Plan)

    リアルSHOENEKO-CHAN with JINKO-CHAN、合唱又は歌唱。(予定)

6. Discussion regarding various social problem in the world with SHOENEKO-CHAN on SHOWROOM and ReverbNation.  


 SHOWROOMやReverbNationにてJINKO-CHAN with SHOENEKO-CHANと、世界中の社会問題についてのディスカッショ