2. Research

※ in preparation

2. From Trans-boundary To Transcends.

2-1. Work-Life Balance ーBy my own experienceー ※ in preparation

I have been treating Trauma by human rights violation for over 20 years. During this term I experienced

listening volunteer by telephone and facilitator of meeting regarding work-life balance at Japanese NPO

JUST. I took interest in Japanese work-life balance that both a work and a home of women, a housewife

of men, abuse, alcoholic, workaholic, eating disorder by my own experience and formulated a hypothesis

this issue and ecosystem such as reuse and human rights based on human capital.

JINKO-CHANは人権侵害によるトラウマを20年以上治療しています。この間NPO JUSTにて電話の傾聴の


本のワーク・ライフバランス (女性の仕事と家庭の両立や男性の家庭進出、虐待、アルコール依存症、仕事依

存症、摂食障害)の問題に関心を持ち、人的資本に基づきこの問題とエコシステム (リユース)と人権の相関関



2-1, Human rights and Inner peace. ※ in preparation